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Brendan Gunn: An Unsung Hero of the Irish Film Industry

Brendan Gunn holds an MA and a PhD in linguistics. He began working as a Dialogue and Dialect Coach in 1986 after leaving the University of Ulster where he was a Lecturer in Linguistics. Over the last 25 years Brendan has worked with an illustrious number of actors including Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Aidan Quinn, Cate Blanchett, Jim Sturgess, Heather Graham, Rupert Grint, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Natalie Portman, Daniel Day Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Saoirse Ronan, Colin Farrell, and Stephen Rea.

I first worked with Brendan way back in 1997 on the film The Boxer. Since then our paths have crossed a few times on various projects including Fifty Dead Men Walking.

Brendan offers a wide range of coaching, from actors preparing and working on a role to corporate and workshop services. Brendan also offers vocal coaching sessions via Skype.

In 2011 Brendan helped me with the Berlin accent for a few auditions which led to me getting two jobs: feature film Good Vibrations and TV drama The Man Who Crossed Hitler.

I couldn’t recommend Brendan highly enough, the attention to detail and the relaxed atmosphere of his sessions really helped me nail two roles last year.

For more information about Brendan and what services he has to offer check out his website